1. What is MageScan ?

MageScan is an advanced file monitoring solution to monitor the file changes in Magento core and informed on real time when a file gets tampered.

2. Will the Data of my store be read by this tool/service ?

No we strictly don’t read any of the file information, All your data stays secure with you.

3. How Long will my change log data exists ?

We keep all the necessary change log data related to the modifications/deleted/created, for a year.

4. How will I get informed if something changed with out my notice ?

We will send an immediate alert when a file gets changed/modified/delete to the default contacts or you can use our advanced email alert segmentation to point the modifications to the right email contacts. Also you have an access to dashboard to monitor all the changes.

5. Do you provide Installation support for Extension ?

We will be happy to install the extension for you with an extra charge of $50. Contact us for more information.

6. Does it protect me from all kinds of Hacks ?

We are providing an interface to monitor all file integrity.

7. Do you Support Credit/Debit Card ?

Yes we use Stripe for payment process to make your transaction secure and complaint.

8. Does it slowdown my store ?

We have optimized the extension such that it will not cause any slowdown to the performance of a store.

9. Do you Support Review of modified Files ?

This Feature is coming soon.

10. How many websites can I use MageScan extension?

Our single license unlimited stores advantage allows you to use one license for unlimited stores for single Magento installation. Although you would be needing separate licenses if you have multiple stores on different installations.

11. Can I Cancel my subscription ?

Yes any time you can cancel the subscription. After cancellation we delete all your data from our systems.